Squad Arena Shipments Post Darth Sidious?

Looking for opinions on how to spend Squad Arena currency following Darth Sidious.

Spend on tokens for starring up Darth Sidious?

Or look at someone else? Asajj Ventress? IG-88? Savage Opress?

Current squad is Chewie, Darth Sidious, Talia, Count Dooku, and Jedi Consular.

I should have CT-5555 and Luminara unlocked tomorrow.

Appreciate any thoughts.


  • I'm thinking I'm going to go for 7* Asajj. She's kind of broken right now with her dispell skill not working properly but she still can hit like a truck with a chance to stun.

    So I'm just hoping that they'll eventually fix her 2nd skill and she'll be a powerhouse. But it's a gamble at this point :p

    IG-88 is decent too, he has a chance to debuff heal immunity with basic attacks and his AoE has a chance to do ability block on the enemy team. Does good damage but he's a glass cannon.
  • I'd say to go ahead and 7* Sidious before thinking about branching out.
  • Keaven
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    I'd say to go ahead and 7* Sidious before thinking about branching out.
    Agreed. But since your register seems low on characters if you are having trouble with any challenges I would expand your register first for the long term payoff. Once you have no problems with any challenges then focus on getting your strongest team members to 7★
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  • My plan is to 7* Darth Sidious, then probably either IG or HK. My other thought is Stormtrooper Han. I really want a second Taunter for my B squad Galactic War team.
  • I currently have a 4* assaj, and a 4* koth yet i am still going for sid! Assaj is decent at gear lvl 6 and I'm planning on 5 starring her after I obtain sid just because I have 25/65 shards and I think she will be a decent addition to my deck,but in all honesty start working on sid again, he's a monster, especially 5* +
  • I saw a video of a guy who had an AOE team with IG-88 on it... he seemed to be pretty usable there. I've been looking at picking him up after Sid.
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