State of the Galaxy 6/7/2017

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

Welcome back to another edition of the SotG. In this installment we’re going to cover our most recent character announcement and how we are adjusting the Character Release Cadence for it.

Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Phoenix Squadron

Grand Admiral Thrawn has arrived in Galaxy of Heroes! In the coming days you’re going to enjoy some videos of his very powerful kit that enables masterful strategies. During Star Wars Celebration we teased we would be releasing two fan favorites. R2-D2 was the first, and Grand Admiral Thrawn is the second, closing out the series of Empire reworks and releases. We can’t express enough how excited we are to bring the nefarious and calculating Chiss admiral to the game and hope you love him as much as we do.

Grand Admiral Thrawn has an interesting history in Star Wars. Originally a part of the incredible Timothy Zahn trilogy, he has now returned to Star Wars in the Rebels series and a new Zahn book. Given Thrawn’s association with the Phoenix Squadron, we have opted for them to be the faction required to obtain Thrawn in our brand new Legendary event, The Artist of War.

With the recent addition of Phoenix to the game and their previous lack of obtainable locations on the board, we’ve done a few things to ease the inflow of shards for these characters.
  • We are breaking the Character Release Cadence and adding the Phoenix Squadron to the Cantina earlier than we normally would (by about two weeks).
  • There will be a three day window where there are double drops on the nodes associated with the new Phoenix characters (6/8 – 6/10).
  • We’re offering flash events that have Phoenix requirements which should help you gear up your Phoenix members in preparation to take on Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Packs and bundles will be featured in the Store to accelerate player’s progress in obtaining these characters.

Generally, if we think we’re going to need the break the Character Release Cadence for a good reason, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, best of luck to all our Holotable Heroes as you prepare to face the Artist of War.
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