Guild Ticket Counters Feature [Community Request] New Update 8/10/2017


  • nivbp7
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  • This is a ton of work for many people to keep track of the 600 because of this bug, please get this fixed as soon as possible, it should be a priority for sure.
  • Signed
  • It is ridiculous that this has gone on so long. And now there are reports that the cumulative counter is bugged too?

    Just fix it already.

    Army of Ren
  • This should have been addressed long ago! +1
  • Signed
  • Kughrak
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    For the love of god, please.
  • Signed (2)
  • Signing for 5 of my shardmates who don't use the forums.
  • Signed... for all 50 in my guild
  • Signed

  • Dalvis
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  • DEAN0
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    This should have been fixed a long time ago.
    Stop prioritizing toons we have to pay to get, over fixes we've been asking for.
  • C1P2
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    Leader of Jedi Grises.
    Leader of Jedi Grises (Spanish guild).
  • Lithalan
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    edited June 2017
    Signed on behalf of Wookiee Teebo Forcechoke (apparently our shortform gets censored) and SWF. Please start making our lives so much easier.
  • As a guild officer that has to keep track of participation, I wholeheartedly endorse this request
  • Darby
    4 posts Member
    As a community member and guild officer who has two accounts, and spends money on both accounts (arguably too much), this bug discourages me from maintaining the same level of involvement in the community, my guild, and the game. I don't have time to keep track of lifetime tickets AND complete all my goals in two accounts. Unfortunately, the first thing that will give is my alt account. Which means CG loses revenue. Please fix this bug so I can have an enjoyable experience that benefits all parties involved. Thank you, Darby.
  • I did my 600 and 1,000's of people I know here have and gotten mis-reported as well. Please fix this long standing bug!
  • DrB12
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    Signed!!! I feel the pain as an officer
  • Signed with a pretty please on top!!!!
  • RushForGoals
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    edited June 2017
    Bump and signed (3)

    Will sign this everyday until it get fixed!
  • Signed by Nicolao Nerio of Team Skunk, Guild Leader of Delta Tau Chi.
  • Signed!
    guild Greek Order
  • CG, super glad you guys have released so many new toons (we had such a shortage for a while), and that you’re currently working on a new game mode. These things are important for the health of the game! But when you’re done with that, please make a new QOL update with this bug fix as one of the key fixes patched! Please, please, please, officers have suffered enough. Officers are 309% more likely to quit than normal players and 506% more likely to spend money– TRUE STORY! You want to keep us and not lose use to burnout!
  • Totally want this fixed!
  • Oktogen
    122 posts Member
    Yes, getting the daily counter working consistently would greatly increase our officers' enjoyment of the game. Tracking tickets in the current state is a confusing, time-consuming and tedious process. We can't afford to lose such experienced, dedicated players as our officers due to burnout!
    As a side note, after experimenting it seems you can temporarily get the counter working by tapping activities->guild activities->"I" icon at bottom left, then sort the list a few times. This doesn't work reliably, but it does indicate that getting the daily counter working is within the realm of possibility.
  • Dropper
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    I have said it before and countless reports for this bug to be fixed. It started when guild activities was moved to server reset not local time ie in UK used to be 0000 now 1930 I assume this is US 0000. Also using large number of multi Sims in one go effects counter.
  • Signed Please fix asap!
  • Signed
  • It really is just a matter of showing the previous days tickets rather than a daily or lifetime counter....signed.
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