Minimum gear for T6 Thrawn



  • I managed to do 6* with

    Hera lvl 70 g7
    Ezra lvl 72 g8
    Kanan lvl 70 g7
    Zeb lvl 70 g8
    Sabine lvl 72 g7

    It took a lot of tries but this morning everything fell together. The dt didn't aoe right away got to final stage with full everything.

    Ezra dispelled, zeb landed basic debuff on dt Sabine 1 shredded thrawn, ezra assist with zeb on other dt. And before ei knew it I was looking away pet 5 on 2. Dropped the healer kept thrawn busy on debuffs dropped offense down and stagger . Managed 2 shreds and went to town. Tons of strategy to finish this but it worked. Thanks guys for the tips. Ran with mostly protection mods Sabine faster than ezra 216>196
  • Oh and not all skills maxed. No omega on aything. Uniques lvl 6 or 7.leader lvl 6
  • Tmjm
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    I managed it with this

    GL 7 ezra, zeb, hera, chopper, kannan.

    was a bit lucky. Main thing was to kill the storm trooper then death troopers then stormtrooper commander who heals, whilst doing that, keep bashing in thrawn with zeb to try and stagger / stun him, used back up plan on kanan and his heals to keep it going. lost chopper , ressurected kannan etc.

    also stacked some of my best mods on these guys, ezra and chopper were 190 speed, hera 160, zeb and kannan 150 ish. :)
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