Delayed Damage corner case locks the battle with nobody's turn

I was fighting a Galactic War against a team with HK-47. Then he was debuffed with lot's of Delayed Damaged by my team. Then after a few turns, it was his turn. The delayed damage was applied, he died. Then he revived, and the controls to play disapeared, but it was "nobody's turn", i.e., the IA does not attacked me, neither could I attack, even via the Auto button. Pressing it did nothing. The only way to get out was by doing the force-quit on Android, so the match reseted.

It looks like this corner case when the dalayed damaged death was followed by a revive was not caught during testing, I presume.

This is the screenshot of the time after the ressurection of HK, when the game got stuck and no one could act:
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