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    Gonna look again but I don't think that pack does me any good. That being are essentially saying the grind is too hard so you consider that unfarmable? Couple days ago I hit 5* with JC, couple days before that 5* Lumi. Yesterday QGJ 4* and will be 5* in a couple days. You aren't applying yourself smokey.

    All of those toons are farmable outside of HM, and QGJ has only been available for maybe a week. I would like to know how you almost have QGJ to 5* already without paying for him. If QGJ was only available from two HM stages for example, you might be lucky to have 15 shards in total by now, let alone unlocking him. That is the difference that AbysmalDarkside is pointing out. If you did two cantina refills per day, You'll have 15 QGJ shards every two days, so you would have over 100 total by now. Meanwhile, if he was only HM farmable, it would be only 15 shards. There is a huge difference.

    I guess I'm going with Lumi, Barriss, JC, QGJ, and IGD. IGD was a lucky bronze 4* pull. He's only HM, but it's either him or JKG, who I am not wasting cantina shipments on. Maybe I'll have Yoda by Thanksgiving. Really, they announce the five 7* Jedi rule a week before the event, and then push out a jedi bundle right away! Meanwhile, the meta discouraged farming F2P jedi besides healers, so virtually no one other than bug-time chromium spenders will be able to do the Yoda battle right away. I understand that the event will recur periodically, but why have it now if only a few people can play it? Because of profit potential, nothing more. Instead of adding content to help us gain resources to develop toons, they instead take things away and the one new content they add is de facto P2W to even participate.

    Your argument is invalid.

    Thank You they dont seem to be understanding what im saying, they put every single jedi except for 2 in cantina. I been had my lumi at 7* (shes the best healer in the game) & I have eeth koth, now the problem is I cant farm 3 jedi in cantina alone its impossible. I can farm 1 from cantina shipments & 1 from cantina nodes but a 5th 1 is impossible why ? because there are no jedi in GW. They should have balanced it put a jedi in arena & a jedi in GW shipments so we can farm jedi from different locations this is a big time money grab. Dont care what anybody else says if they dont agree the facts are all there they put the 2 new jedi they made available in Cantina shipments/nodes in an area where 3 other jedi are already available instead of balancing the locations out,
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    @AbysmalDarkside Bro... Barriss, JC, and Mace are NOT in shipments. QGJ and Ahsoka are the only two in cantina shipments. From that list you can farm two of those Jedi at the same time lmfao. Cantina mission nodes for JC, Mace, and Barriss, AS WELL as Plo Koon, and QGJ or Ahsoka in cantina shipments. So again your argument is invalid because you're missing that point. Let people play the game how they want to not how YOU want to. It isn't that hard to understand the game but apparently for you it is. So if we recap here you can farm 4 total Jedi at once (Eeth Koth in arena, Lumi in GW, JC/Mace/Barriss/Plo Koon in cantina mission nodes, and QGJ/Ahsoka in cantina shipments). However, it will not take you long at all to finish farming one of the Cantina mission node Jedi (JC, Mace, Barriss, Plo Koon) to be able to start on your 5th and final Jedi. Any more rebuttal from you?
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