Would you like to see a sale on Crystals?

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How many of you would you like to spend some quids on this game but feel like everything is overpriced, even on the long run? Being playing since December but I can't remember crystals being anytime on a better price. I only spent 4.99$ so I could see the 21Sub, but I did change my mind when saw it's 10.99$. I feel like it's too much. It's not about that extra dollar, but for an example I'm playing from a country where the average income on a month is 200-300$. Yes, on a month. I would just like to see some sales time to time, not just those highly priced packs.

Would you like to see a sale on Crystals? 10 votes

MerilonDarthNicochimiXchangaDarth_MaximusSmithieQuicksilverh3ckmanBosskCookieCrispp 9 votes
Don't want to spend on this game
CptKloss 1 vote
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