Easy 5 Star Jedi?

Whats the easiest way to get 5 5 star jedis? Right now i got lumi jc and qgj over 5 stars. What are other easy jedi to 5 star in the next week for yoda?


  • jtveclipse12
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    If you arent close to 5* on the other 2 jedis, your not gonna get them there in one week. Unless you use a ton of crystals.

    But Bariss has Hard mode and cantina nodes.
    Eeth from arenas
    Ahsoka from cantina shipments.
    Those 3 are probably your only hope.
  • Brazilian_Joe
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    Plo Koon can be done to exhaustion on cantina node as well, fueling the cantina shipments for Ahsoka o QGJ.
    1 or 2 recharges a day with crystals if you want to speed it up and have a good arena ranking even for F2P.

    1 recharge per day is very attainable for F2P, with 2 recharges every few days, if you stay in the 100-200 ranking and do all daily challenges every day.

    2 recharges every day requires more commitment for F2P, but should be attainable as well.

    Or if you are a baby penguin spender with the 21-day crystal subscription, 2 recharges a day become more feasible.
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