Offensive Names / Racist Names

There is a username going by
Ni Gger
near the top of the leaderboard. I'm new to EA online games, but I hope that this isn't something EA tolerates.


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    People get **** so easily these days! Get over it!
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    Exactly that or uninstall
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    I can see how some would be offended but we don't know the background of the player so it's a tough call. It's an imperfect world....
  • Otar
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    Submit your report using our Contact Us page

    Select your game name as the Product, then click Next
    Select the appropriate platform, then click Next
    Select "Report Cheating/Harassment" as the category and describe the issue
    Include as much information about the player in question in the Description.
    Click Next, then select the email option to submit
    You can also save a screenshot and attach it to your new case.

    Note: Incorrectly reporting or creating false reports of another player abusing the ranking system is a violation of the Terms of Service and actions will not be taken against the reported player. EA will take action against players who fraudulently report abuse.
  • Abyss
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    Smh who cares what someone else wants to name thier toon. Just choose to not be offended an move on. Maybe its a nickname? Maybe they are from a dif culture and it means something other then what your implying?

    Again, who cares smh
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