New guild messaging alternative

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edited July 2017
Okay devs, at the very least how about officers being able to ping members to turn on chat? Allow us to manage more effectively. Even if the message is just that, it will help a lot.


  • hnspty
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    Have a menu of messages we can choose from if you cannot allow direct contact due to laws, etc. Things that we constantly battle such as:

    "Stop hitting Rancor!"
    "There are guild rules, please ask or read about them"
    "We really need your 600 raid tickets to do more raids."
    "Please contact and officer or leader asap."
    "Urgent. We have a 24 hour 0 damage rule."

    These simple messages and more would really help our Quality of Life and make the game less stressful. Members who are not paying attention can be alerted, and not booted.
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