QoL: Daily Challenges

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For long time players, Uncle Plo's Daily Challenges ("The higher your level, the harder the Challenge... and greater the rewards") are hardly... challenging anymore (not any more than the rewards are rewarding). The only remaining "challenge" to it is to not forget to go check it out 5 times a day, so it's probably overdue for some cleaning up.

A few suggestions:
  1. Pop up a small red dot when the countdown is over and there is one available, like on the Store for free bronziums
  2. Remove the meaningless cooldowns and let me sim all 8 at once
  3. Remove the Challenges altogether and give the stuff as some kind of daily bonus
  4. While we're at it, why not revisit what is handed out... most of it is completely useless.
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  • I agree with the rewards from daily, there are only 2 gear pieces in there that I ever need the rest I have thousands of them - and I will never use them as no one ever needs them (as everyone requires the exact same gear)
  • slugbahr
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    But but but... It's free stuff!
    Free stuff is so great! It makes playing this game so great!
    Free stuff!
    It must be good, because it's free!!

    Thanks for the free stuff!!
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    The reason there is a timer: to show board members and investors how many times player log in daily and how much time they spend in game... Not saying I like/agree, but it boosts their numbers and looks good on paper.

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  • J7Luke
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    Except for the credit and ability mat challenges, I agree with all this.
  • I don't protest the timer, but I'm with the OP:

    There needs to be a red indicator when you have a challenge available.
  • On Arena, too, actually.
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