FTP. Get 7 stars or replace Chewie

I'm currently approaching 6 stars on Sid,GS, and Lumi. I'm getting QGJ from cantina shipments.

Chewie at four stars rounds out the team. Chewie sucks but at least until 6 it didn't seam advantageous to delay improving my other main guys.

So do I finish off Sid, Lumi, and GS or at six switch one. My gut says the jump from 6 to 7 is less that the jump by replacing 4 star Chewie with four star someone else.

The next question is who. Leaning toward Phasma out of GW as it will be the fastest to make an impact but really open to other ideas.


  • Chewie is an ok tank for GW but his speed just doesn't help in arena late game. By the time he taunts the match is decided.

    Replacing chewie will be your best bet. Phasma is a good post Lumi option for a GW farm for sure.
  • Drayden
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    Poggle could be an idea as well. He is farmable in GW and nodes and has a "more reliable" synergy with your team (specially GS).

    What other toons do you have in the pipe?

    After Sid is complete you could go for HK-47 or IG-88 and shift towards a droid team (once Lumi and Poggle are done). In the meanwhile you can farm up 86. QGJ in Cantina will take you a while - believe me :s

  • Poggle is awesome honestly. Makes Sid hit like IG 88
  • Finish your guys, don't leave them at 6*. Have you seen the top guys playing with 5 guys 6*. No. Get them to 7*
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    I ranked 1 yesterday in a top full of 7* with a squad made of 6*. While having 7* is good, getting rid of Chewie is better. I would start farming someone else to replace him. Poggle or Phasma are decent st 4-5*
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  • Dont' star up Chewie.. Go for Phasma,Poggle or Geo Soldier
  • I hadn't considered Poggle. I will have to start using him as an ally to check him out.

    I will definitely 7 star my arena guys but FTP you can only work on 4 things at once. So the question is 7 star those 4 first or get 6* with one of them replace Chewie with a better toon then work on getting the new toon and 6 star toon to 7.

    As for other toons I have JC at 3 slowly working to 4 with 5 hard nodes a day just to keep my GW teams up. Talia at 3. And then really just starter toons and the odd bronzium pull. So nothing really committed to. My strategy has been to gear up and star up my main 4 that I'm farming.

    What's a good target for Cantina energy after GS is done. That seems to have the most options.
  • Poggle will fuel QGJ and yoda. He's not as sure of a thing post patch. He has counters now.
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