Just bought my first 8 pack...

...was it ever a let down. Shards shards and more shards. Just glad I didn't spend any money (arena winnings). Seems like paying $50 for a four star is your best bet at getting one. Obviously this was intended.

Let it be known there are some nasty odds at play here. Avoid the chromium packs as much as possible.


  • Griever_1
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    edited December 2015
    It's just all luck man, I purchased 2 sets of 8 packs and ended up with a 4* Maul, Tarkin, Urruyruu (however his name is spelled) and a Ventress. Also got a second 4* maul from a single cromium.
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    Your money is always better invested in energy resources. It takes more time to unlock, but you are given the option to target specific characters, and playing this game is also fun.
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    While I have bought crystals, I won't buy chromium packs....it is all rng based and there are better uses for crystals....that being said...I did get extremely lucky and got a 4* urruru(whatever his name is) through a bronzium pack.
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