Character Strategy- Captain Han Solo

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Captain Han Solo
Daring Rebel support that heals, revives allies and dazes enemies
Unlocks at: ??*
Available from: ??????
Basic Attack – Disabling Shot:
  • Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Daze for 2 turns. Empire targets can’t Resist or Evade and take double damage from this attack. If Han has full health., gain 30% Turn Meter.
Special Ability – Hunker Down:
  • Dispel all debuffs on Han and target ally, and they both recover Health equal to 40% of Han’s Max Health and gain 25% Turn Meter. Then, if the target ally has full Health, they also recover 20% Protection. This ability’s cooldown is reduced by 1 whenever an ally suffers a debuff. (Cooldown 10)
Special Ability – Search and Rescue:
  • Revive a random defeated ally at 1% Health and 0% Turn Meter. If that ally is a Rebel, they recover 50% Health and gain 50% Turn Meter. (Cooldown 6)
Unique Ability – Nick of Time:
  • Captain Han Solo has +15% Critical Chance and +30% Critical Damage. In addition, at the end of his turn, Han recovers Health equal to 10% of his Max Health. If Han already has full Health, the least healthy ally is healed instead. Whenever Han uses his Basic attack he gains +10% Max health (stacking) for 3 turns.
General Strategy
  • Daze is one of the most powerful debuffs, and utilizing Captain Han Solo’s "Disabling Shot” to apply Daze to the right targets can greatly swing the battle in your favor.
  • Keeping Captain Han Solo healthy will go a long way in him keeping everyone else topped off on Health and Protection.
  • Watch out for Boba-Fett or Darth Nihilus who can prevent the revive from “Search and Rescue”.
Hero Synergies
  • Captain Han Solo fits under any of the meta Rebel Leaders, and can help sustain annoying Rebel tanks such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Baze, and even bring them back after they fall.
  • “Hunker Down” will heal Protection much more often when Captain Han Solo is paired with low Health allies such as Chirrut, Wedge, or Biggs.
Where to Use
  • Captain Han Solo is a champion when tackling Territory Battles. Many enemies you encounter focus heavily on Counter Attack and Turn Meter Gain, which Daze shuts down. Combine this with the sustain from “Hunker Down”, “Search and Rescue”, and “Nick of Time” and Captain Han solo becomes one of the best choices you can bring on a Strike Mission.
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