Baze and DN in Shard Shop

Can we please get Baze and DN in Shard shop for limited time again.

I have been farming them for months, but it's taking ages


  • @CG_CapGaSP

    Would you please check if it is possible - it would be great help
  • Never.

    Just git gud and do 2 x 5 battles a day. 500 crystals + 100 booster - 150 for energy leaves you with 450. 50 more for hard battle refresh and you still have 400, which is enough for 4 more shards of Dn or 8 more Baze.

  • Ultimateseadou*he : as annoying as these posts are you being a level 5 tool bag with your "git gud" actual tops it. Once again, one last time, this game takes zero skill! "Get a life, or get a job, or get a hobby" there is no good or bad just time in a proprogression. Clicked a button enough and now uve got 7 stars and mad talent!!! Congrats seabiscuit
  • Oh stop complaining DN and baze were in there for the longest time unlike DT and Krennic who were in there for 9 days
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