Ewok Elder

I am wonding if he is a good addition. Ackbar is an alelternative. I was in GE and the enemy had Sidious, Vader, Maul, Ben and ... Old Daka. I had two attacks, after that I had 2 to ...yes, 6 negative nerfs on each character. And very soon I had 2-3 random chars with the Heal Immunity, not to mention that randomly I'd find they had 2 turns for 1 mine (60% turn meter reduction from Old Ben). This after just two turns. Maul could do 4k to 2k, every turn he could use his special. When I gained focus I had team members at 10% health, some 25 and a few amout 60, and all the Damage over time and Talia and Luminara with heal immunity, which lasted two more turns. Fortunately they two had about 60 and 40% health....with Hk-47 and Barris getting the worst.

I had won past battle ending it with ALL special effect, so I was fully loaded, and prefered to kill Maul as was the one with lower pool, and I would resist one more AoE from him (Sidious was Leader...huge critical change).

This team had equal Level, 47. I got to kill Maul using each Special, that I had upgraded to level 3 or 4 on each, with each char at max gear possible. And I left Maul with Yellow, which didn't trigger Daka, and had used Consular and Barris to regain about 90% health on most chars. Next turn I HK-47 AoE which prevented Daka and Sidius use of abilities. Which allowed me to kill Maul and leave Sidious at 45% approx. Then still with several new debuffs from Vader and a full attack I had chars at 20 to 75 health (eg. Talia and Lumi could NOT yet heal themselves). I focused on Killing Sidious and damaging Old Ben. Next turn I had to use Luminara heal, and Talia saved by miracle due to evasions and a critical that recharged like 600 hp, and then Lumi's heal.

And the Sidious is resurrected...., but by that time, I had the other healers ready, got inflected again with 5 negatives, but Sidious died immediately as I had Specials by chance. Now 4 vs 3 and with HK-47 block abilities and Slow, I got Ben, then Daka, then Vader....Those last rounds I had 4 healers and too a while to kill Daka (which reappeared), and ended up 4-0 full health and two unused heals (and saved specials for next round).

Next time, I can be wiped in just one turn. Had they been 50 lvl, I'd have lost 3-4 chars in first two rounds. Had I not be lucky, It would have been 5-0 with A team dissapeared.

Hiw do you handle that combo? Thread title is abiut Elder, because he is a healer that can remove ALL negative status. Bad for anything else, he could remive the heal immunity, which means at least removing heal immunity, and ability block. Ackbar is the same.

Anyone eith ideas? If I face this team again with any weakened team, and even same level (let alone if they are 3-4 levels higher), and it's doom. I could send hordes to weaken, and still lose. 1 turn against their specials and it's instant death. My team was all 4-5 stars max gear, all specials, full health and it was almost depleted in one turn. In PvP I would have lost embarrassingly.



  • What stars where there comps that could have played a big difference if they had all 5+ except Vader?
  • When they add all those negative status effects just retreat and come back and they will all be gone
  • Wait a minute, so it's possible to retreat???
  • Yes, and their skills would have been on cool down. Kill a few, then retreat again when they use skill again.
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    Wait a minute, so it's possible to retreat???

    Press the gear icon in the top left corner of your screen during any mission and you will retreat in galactic war or forfeit in a regular mission. So if one of your characters dies you can retreat, add another one and then continue. Or put out one team at the start and another to finish them off etc.
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  • Teams you face with barriss are real blessings. Whittle the characters around her down. Swap out any character that gets low on health. Then when its down to barriss heal your current team thats in the match.

    That's when the fun starts. Take out everyone but barris from the team, and re-enter the battle with JUST Barriss. Trade blows with their barriss as your heal refreshes. Then bring in your low health characters to be healed. Rinse and repeat until everyone is back to full health, then finish off their barriss.
  • Well, first thanks for sharing, this is a marvelous idea. Second, most useful thread in the game regarding GW, especially for those with trouble and lagging behind. 15 shards a day not bad. Tier 60? No worries. I will try this tomorrow. that Barris is finally useful now!
  • Hope it works out for you!
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