How About a Ship for Commander Luke? Snowspeeder Maybe?

I realize snowspeeders may not be space worthy, but I suggest this as CL's "starfighter" for Ships just because all the other toons' X-wings look all alike. I think it would be cool. Thoughts?


  • naaaaah, an x-wing for him and artoo... (plus we'd need Dak for a snowspeeder, and that's not going to happen)
    simply because, jedi luke really didn't fly about on any missions. and grand-master luke i'm quite sure just teleports across the galaxy via the force, lol
    while we're at it, how about an episode 4 millennium falcon with farmboy, old ben, raid han and a new rebel chewie as pilots.
    and while we're really at it, get the force awakens **** out of the megapack and into farmland. crikey, its been 9 months and i've all the other ships 7star, but this one is still at 15 shards. not going to blow money on this.
  • Narkosekröte
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    And why not his xWing ? Crew CLS and R2 of course ?
    i Know the xwings look all somehow the same but thats the way it is....
    i would love more ships anyway. How about:

    Malevolence (capital ship) with GG
    Droid Army Capital Ship with Nute Gunray
    Lucky Lady with Lando
    Another Jedi Starfighters with Anakin and GK
    Another Separatist Ship with Count Dooku
    Xanadu Blood with Cad Bane
    Old Falcon with RAID Han and a (to be Released) Chewie

    The sound of a TIE Fighter engine was created by combining an elephant bellow and a car driving on wet pavement.
  • apparently, M F is interpreted as a curse word
  • Save the snowspeeders for new mode featuring vehicles.
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