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Sorry if I've missed this somewhere in all the complaints/etc about this event. We know that the Yoda event will be returning next month. Question is - will we be starting from scratch, or will it save our progress?

I've completed stages 1-3. That's 75 shards. Probably won't get any more 4-star Jedi for quite a while. Next month, will i be able to complete stages 1-3 again? That'd give me enough to activate him, and ultimately would give even players who only have 1-star Jedi the chance to recruit Yoda *eventually*, even if just by gathering 25 shards a month from tier 1. I'm really hoping that this is the case.

Or, will it save our progress and mean that many, many players will be stuck at lower tiers indefinitely?

Confirmation from in high (or links to that information) would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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    Progress will be saved. It is stated in the patchnotes.

    You'll have to get higher Jedis to proceed.
  • According to the patch notes (apologies for the formatting):

    - One of the most-frequently requested characters is now available, Grand Master Yoda! In this inaugural Event, players can Battle to win Shards for Grand Master Yoda in customized training Battles.
    This Event features seven stages which must be unlocked progressively. Only Jedi units are allowed. The requirements for each Stage are also based on the star rarity of the Jedi units.

    - The first Battle in this Event requires five Jedi which are 1 Star or above. Completing that Battle will award Shards for Grand Master Yoda, and unlock Stage 2. Stage 2 requires five Jedi which are 2 Star or above, and so on up to Stage 7 which requires five Jedi at 7 Stars to get the final Shards needed to Promote Grand Master Yoda to 7 Stars! Once players have completed Stage 5, they will have enough Shards to Activate Grand Master Yoda at 5 Stars.

    - This Event is planned to be available for a week, and then unavailable for a number of weeks, and then available again for a week, etc. This approach will give players multiple opportunities to progress in the Event, with time in between to prepare as needed.

    - This will be the only place to gain Shards for Grand Master Yoda. He is not expected to be for sale or acquirable elsewhere in the game.

    There's nothing there that implicitly states progress will be saved. The 'time in between to prepare as needed' could imply that progress will be saved, but you could also potentially read it the other way. Or is there a different set of patch notes I missed?
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    It is stated in the patchnote section above


    New Events System

    •A key feature in this update is a brand new Events system. This system replaces the old Key Card Events, and will enable our designers to craft a wide variety of Event types, structures, and themes.
    •To provide interesting and challenging scenarios, the new system can restrict the type, number, category, and rarity of units eligible for a given Event.
    •Events can allow limitless attempts, a limited number of attempts, or be non-repeatable.
    •Most Events are expected to be available for a limited time. An exception are the Training Droid and Credits Events which were previously available in the Key Card system. Those two events will also be available in the new Events system, and are expected to always be available.
    •A limited time Event can re-appear at a later date after its time limit has expired. Players' progress will be saved from previous attempts.
    •As part of this change, the old Key Card collection table has been removed.

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    Blast. Thanks :)
  • When are we going to have the opportunity to get more Yoda shards? I haven’t seen his shards anywhere in a while.
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    Why would you bump a 3yo thread to ask this?
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