The Secluded Empire 181m GP - HEROIC SITH GUILD, 45/45 Stars TB,

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The Secluded Empire: Currently 50/50

Guild GP: 181,000,000
LS TB: 45/45 (MAX SCORE)
DS TB: 47/48
ROLO Shards: 100
IPD Shards: 90+

Hello everyone, We are currently looking for some active players to help our Rank 70-200 guild achieve even greater accomplishments. We are a fully independent team built through hard work and dedication. We own also own two other guilds catered for players of a lower GP and for newer players.

About us:

Heroic Rancor Raid: >30 mins to drop, 3-4 Raids a week. 22-24 Hour join period

Heroic Tank Raid: 2-3 Raids a week, 22-24 hour join period

Heroic Sith Raid: 2 Raids a week

Guild Reset: 00:00 UTC (20:00 EST)

Ticket Reset: 18:30 UTC (14:30 EST)

Heroic Rancor Attack Time: 21:00 UTC, (16:00 EST) (24 Hour Join Period)

Heroic Tank Start Time: 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST) (24 Hour Join Period)

Heroic Sith Start Time: 21:00 (21:15 if rancor is on the same day) UTC (16:00 EST)

We are a determined and friendly group, making strong progress but with a Hardcore attitude. We are very efficient and put 100% effort and participation in all raids and guild events getting the best results we can and always looking to improve in all aspects

All of our players are level 85 and are either building power teams or already have them, Rancor, HAAT and HSITH are a total joke at this point and are on farm, So if your looking for Traya shards you're in the right place, We were in the small amount of guilds that beat heroic Sith at 120m GP on release, that should show how organised, dedicated and efficient we are as a team

We also own two other guilds so we can cater to players of all levels and play styles now. If interested in joining one of our weaker guilds please drop me a PM.

Vaders Apprentices: 123m GP HSITH
Secluded Empire Training Academy: 55m GP HAAT


Right now we are looking for dedicated players who have a great team spirit and are willing to farm what is best for the guild.

Activity is our number one requirement

Galactic Power: 3m or higher: This may increase in the near future but will not affect members that we already have only future members applying to join. If you are bellow this but have an amazing roster for TB we may still take you. For anyone a lot weaker than this please check out our other guild which has lower requirements to join:

Must have or be actively farming teams for heroic sith (We have our own private guide on the heroic sith raid that can help you with this!

600/600 Daily Tickets: Note we are understanding to IRL issues as long as you let an officer know and only remove people for frequently low ticket scores. Our guild currently achieves 29.8k-30k tickets each day.

Guild Mandatory farms: At times the guild leadership will require everyone in the guild to farm certain characters/teams, we try to keep these as few as possible, at times it is required from everyone.

A Strong and Diverse Roster: Must be able to do well in all guild areas of the game specifically TB and TW at this point. HSITH is a joke at this point so not to fussed there
The Main rule is to be respectable and friendly to each other, we wont tolerate people just being generally horrible human beings.

Contribution to daily tickets is a factor we require, We ask all our members to get their 600 a day, consistently failing to do this may result in removal from the guild after a while, if you have a short term IRL commitment however, just let us know and all will be good! (People getting 500+ are usually fine). We average around 29.7k-30k tickets a day and are looking to increase this in the very near future

Contributing to the raids is required, even if you do 0 damage, it helps you get gear so you can improve and do better

100% Participation in TB and TW: TB especially all combat needs to be completed within the first 12 hours and then all deployment in the 2nd 12 hours.


Zaraos (Head of HSITH, Head of TB) and Serean: Husband and Wife team, Joint Guild Leaders
The Elder Falen: Guild Overseer, Head of the Rancor
Darth Panda: Head of Territory Wars
Gstringnomoney: Head of the HAAT Raid
ObiYuan: Territory Battles Deployment Director

Contact us:

Please feel free to contact me through message on here with any questions. but you can also contact us on Discord where we have our own server for the two guilds we own.

Discord: Thrawn#8384
Line ID: Secludedempire (Not used often)
Ally Code: 921-371-176

Many thanks and i hope to hear from you all very soon!
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