Grand Admiral Thrawn [Lend Your Hero Code]

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Greetings Holo Tables Veterans,

Have you unlocked the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn and looking to share your vast tactical knowledge of this emperial hero with the community?


Then Lend your hero by the following rules:
> Post your ally code if your willing to share your Thrawn with the community!
> What tables you have the lead set
> No additional text or the post will be edited/removed
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Wicked Sith Queen with the Pink Saber


  • Crazylazyguy
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    You can use him in Cantina/DS. G12 7* No Zetas
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  • Darth_Bruh
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    Dark Side and Mod Nodes

    5*, No zetas, G9 Lvl 85, Modded

    Edit: Ally List Full, Sorry guys
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  • Paarthysnax
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    Dark Side, Cantina

    6*, double zeta, maxed out g11

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  • Gebuttersnaps
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    Cantina, DS and Mod battles

    5*, lead Zeta-ed, G11, 250 speed.

    Edit: currently full
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  • LocalHero
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    (currently full)

    Dark side

    7*, Gear 11 and max abilities but no Zetas, 254 speed
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  • Darth_Amarth
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    5* G11 in Cantina and DS battles.
    253 speed and all abilities maxed out, including Zetas.

    Edit: Full at the moment.
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  • CT5032
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    5* g11
    Maxed out except for zetas, speed 263.
    Edit: Full for now. Request on discord : @ct-032#0274
    Will remove inactive ones in 3 days period.
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  • @Vampire_X can we use something for communication?
    I'm getting so many requests, we can use something for rotation. I have discord and Line, if we can just communicate to rotate.
  • Vancele
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    7* G12 Double Zeta.
    As of 9/2/17 I have 17 spots open.
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  • 37-824-548

    6*, G11, no zetas.
    Dark side tables. On request, I'll put him in cantina, but mostly keep CLS there.
  • 783-299-547

    Logan Thero

    Please let me know if you would like me to make Thrawn leader he has 2 zetas.
    Discord: Logan_Thero#7235
  • thewhitegift
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    Oops nvm
  • I've got a G12, Fully zeta'd Thrawn for use in catina or DS nodes.
  • 784 - 238 - 737
    Hello there! I'm new to this lend your code thing, but I've been getting a lot of help from good people here so I'm lending my thrawn to you! I'm almost at gear 9 and is at 7 stars. I hope is to good use to you!
    P. S. Sorry if my English is poo poo but I'm italian.
  • Dottor, I sent an ally request. Thanks
  • Here's my code 765-966-569
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