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Hello Holotable Heros!

I haven’t had a chance to formally introduce myself yet, however I wanted to pop into the forums to do so and then share some news about our SWGOH community team with you. First, I’m Carrie Gouskos, I've been making or writing about games for 18 years, been on the Galaxy of Heroes team for just over a year, and in the role of Lead Producer for the past six months. I became the Lead Producer as John Salera, who I’m sure many of you know, became the General Manager of Capital Games. While I usually just lurk in the forums, I did want to let you all know about some changes that affect our beloved SWGOH community, team, & forums.

EA_Jesse advancing, but not leaving!

@EA_Jesse will be leaving Forum Community Management for SWGOH, but NOT the EA Star Wars community. EA_Jesse has accepted a position to expand his role across multiple titles, and so he is handing off direct SWGOH responsibilities to other hands. He will still be overseeing and assisting various promotion efforts for SWGOH, so this is not a goodbye. EA_Jesse is a cornerstone in the SWGOH community, launching the Forums, managing moderators, crafting messaging, and pioneering our SWGOH Gamechangers program. Please join us in thanking him for his tireless commitment to the community AND wishing him well in his new Star Wars adventures!
CG_Kozispoon is officially promoted to SWGOH Forums Community Manager!
After over a year of tireless dedication and passion as Associate Community Manager, I’m pleased to announce that @CG_Kozispoon has accepted the position of SWGOH Forums Community manager! Duties will (continue) to include:
  • Oversee the structure and management of SWGOH Forums
  • Manage the SWGOH Forum Moderators
  • Primary contact for community messaging in SWGOH Forums
  • Other channels of Studio messaging
CG_Kozispoon has been an integral part of expanding and enhancing the SWGOH forum community culture. The positive and exciting tones our community enjoys today are directly reflective of CG_Kozispoon’s influence and unique humor. We couldn’t be happier for her to take this new position. Please join us in congratulating CG_Kozispoon!
CG_GAWS joins us as Community Strategist and SWGOH Gamechangers representative!
SWGOH’s team has expanded with the addition of @CG_GAWS as a Community Engagement Strategist (fancy). He comes to us with a deep background in video game marketing and promotion. He will be the new primary contact for SWGOH’s Gamechanger program. Additionally, he will represent SWGOH at various community events. CG_GAWS has already hit the ground running with the Territory Battles video and has much more to share with the community soon! Please join us in congratulating and welcoming CG_GAWS to the SWGOH community!
Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that with all of these changes, we are also going to be more regularly updating the Capital Games Twitter page. For everything from casual studio/team updates as well as a one stop shop for the big beats – please follow us here!
We all look forward to seeing you on the holotables – more updates on Territory Battles are making their way to you (mostly through the hands of these hard working people), and we can’t wait to share them with you soon!
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