Galactic General Grievous Discussion

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The longest requested rework, for a long time the hardest farm and also a pretty cool fan favorite. Why do we have that **** long wait for a rework? I know there are plans and so, but my patience is almost gone.
For the long time we wait there are points that you guys should not forget.
*Make* *him* *bigger*. Did some GW battles and R2 is almost bigger then Grievous.
He should have some crazy synergy with IG100 or you release a new special IG100 guard for him.
Also good separatist synergy and better separatist Droid synergy. There we have the missing piece *DROIDEKA*
If we have that all, I hope he gets a good stand alone toon.


  • We got canon Grievous, we need legends Grievous
  • as good as cls at least :)
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    There we have Han Solo and how is that little guy besides him?
  • evoluza
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  • 2 zetas... one on Grevious one on IG-100.

    General Grevious needs a zeta leadership that gives ALL seperatists/droids 5% protection recovery when any ally takes critical damage, 5% hp heal when any ally takes non critical damage, and 5% turn meter gain when any ally receives or resists any buff or debuff.

    IG-100 needs a Zeta that forces him to taunt for 1 turn whenever grevious is attacked more than 1 time per turn. This zeta also needs to increase IG-100's defense 100% tenacity 50% potency 50% and reduce his offense by 25% while taunting, and while not taunting IG-100 has a 75% offense boost.
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