New idea: Old Ben ftw



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    Greetings nerds. F2P strikes again! Just opened a chromium pack after saving crystals from squad arena for about a week and who do I see? That's right, wrinkly balls Mcgee. I am glad to have you ben. Now I am wondering, who thinks ben is viable in the arena? I do not. Though I like what he offers, I feel like it'd be easy to counter ben. Save him for last, that's all it takes no? And now for a suggestion: perhaps consider giving ben a taunt ability! That would make his premium defense, hp, and death ability reeeaally viable! Ben could become relavent as hell with a taunt and with jedi on the rise (and him being a "tank" and all") this seems like a good idea to me. Without taunt, it seems all his strengths are a waste.
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    His mind tricks alone gives him value. He is a finess toon. One of the few toons who is more valuable at lower stars imo-- although, even with less hp no one ever kills him first(including ai)--- value in keeping him lower stars is the less hp he will have
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    To add. A taunt would be awesome but it would be game breaking imo
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    He is all about blocking enemy abilities. I couldn't get by some level with any squad I put together because the other team was a special ability powerhouse. I finally found an ally who had ben, first time thru with him I 3 starred the mission. He totally cut the balls off the other team.
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