Predictable RNG in arena 100% of the time. (Is it just me?)

For days now I noticed the same exact pattern:

First few turns:
- enemy crit rate is off the charts
- enemy will always dodge my killing blows (even 2-3 consecutive hits)
- statuses will never trigger for me, but almost always for them (including stuns)

But in the later turns it shifts. I'll start dodging and resisting effects, and my final killing blow is always a (useless) crit.

This is constant to a point where I rely on this for my strategy and give up on killing blows in the first 2 turns (wasted turns otherwise.... Always)

I get a feeling their RNG algorithm is way off and doesn't reset often... Same goes for GW, some of you get ridiculously underpowered enemies consistently, and some of us consistently get overpowered lineups.

I talked to someone who at lvl 70, gets easier pulls than I do at lvl 52. Consistently.

Can't be just me, anyone else notice consistent patterns?
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