Stealth speed reduction for characters(?)

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Looking into the medium level character development:
I noticed the following reductions of speed (which I had monitored with an simulation sheet) for the following two characters:
Elder (LV40, Gear V) reduction from 102 to (now) 100 (&)
Poe (LV20, Gear III) reduction from 108 to (now) 105.
This would bring Poe one “tick speed” down at that level (same ties as down to speed100), but no change (yet) in the Elders speed performance at this level.

The Poe speed changed had been addressed by the developers in a individual posting here at the forum, nevertheless the Elder (and perhaps other characters too) has not been informed (from my perspective).
Also in the same posting concerning Poe lower level speed reduction it had been clarified, that the behavior of "tiers" associated to speed as leading to random (tie) turns has been discontinued.
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