50M GP guild... replacing inactive players before the next TB. Help us get 25+ stars!

Hey! I'm looking to drop some dead weight (7 or 8 people) from our guild and replace them with strong, active players. We're looking for people who like to chat, who have 1.2m+ in GP, and who are active daily (usually get close to 600/day). We currently run Hpit about 3 times per week at 7pm Mountain time with a 24 hour no damage period, and AAT whenever we can. We are hoping to move on to HAAT in another month or two, maybe sooner if we can replace the weakest and most inactive players.

Our guild is very active and social. We chat all the time in game and on discord (required to organize attacks). We have different sections set up in Discord to help with strategy, squad building, and always like asking for/getting advice about how best to advance. Don't ask about joining if you aren't interested in a community.

As I said, we are looking for 7 or 8 people, so small groups are welcome, but we ask that everyone in the group be aware of the rules ahead of time, and that most meet the 1.2m+ GP requirement.

If this sounds like your kind of guild, PM me back and let me know!


Ally Code: 914-412-996



  • Join us today!
  • We have 15 people we would need to move

    55 mil GP guild

    Heroic rancor
    Heroic tank
    22 stars TB
    Have 40/50
    Can make room for 15 possibly
    Most of our guys are above 1.3 mill GB

    Add ally 584-143-734

    Or Facebook sith and twisted

    Or apply to guild

    Msg me line app if you want radartguy
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