Arena update suggestion

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Considering people are complaining about arena, i have an idea that may fix defense. The idea is taken from another game that has a similar AI controlled arena.

Instead of having the defensive team automatically be the last used offensive team, why not let us set up a default defensive team that is used to defend our rank.

That way ppl could use a yoda in their offensive team, but since AI misplays him, they dont have to use him in their defensive team.

Also, perhaps as a way to make up for crappy AI play, why not let us set up a 6 man defensive garrison? If that is too strong, take away leader ability boost, or something to that effect
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  • Telaan
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    Arena is fine. As soon as people become too successful at defense then all we'll hear about is how hard offense is and how much money was wasted on crystals to speed up timers and refresh attempts. People would much rather be successful on offense where they're actively playing the game than on defense when they're not.

    At most it should allow you to save your squad without having to play a match. But arena does not need a handicap.
  • Options
    It would be nice to have a dedicated defense team and one you attack with. I would also love to see how the defense team holds up against people in a replay, would add more value to my play experience.
  • J0K3R
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    You both make good points. So yeah, a dedicated defense team wouldnt be too much to ask. And the replays actually are part of the features of the other game. I think it could be a nice feature here (although that game is 99% server side, and this is 99% client side, so this might not be possible)
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