Next feature we need

The latest patches are going in the right direction, and the "rightest" of all is that playerbase has been listened, e.g. shard shop or the arena changes.

Now, the next feature the game really needs arena logs and replays, and the ability of set different teams for offense and defense. These should be relatively easy things to implement and would have the greatest impact on the game I think.

What do you think guys?


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    Frankly I want to be able to reply the Yoda event after completing it! That was fun! It might be frustrating for some but it's fun in my view!
    Former crazy person of the guild "Shard Awakens"... *quit game 13th July 2016*

    Game used to be fun when it wasn't a grind... if I wanted a grind I would have went and played old school Everquest or some Korean MMO!
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