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Much like we have Light Side, Dark Side, and Cantain Battles, I think this game needs a Ships "campaign."

The Territory Battle ships battles are kind of enjoyable for me, moving through 1/3 battles using one squad (like the LS/DS/C battles). Just have the first two waves fighting against ships, but the third battle you fight the ships plus a Capital ship.

If they added character and ship shards to the nodes, making it easier to farm ships and whatnot, I think that would also make it more enjoyable for players.

I'd rather have it like LS/DS battles, with the Normal and Hard modes (to prolong it), but I would accept a Cantina version.

Just using ships in their Arena is mundane and boring. The Territory Battle ship area is short, but I see potential.

Let's do it, Devs. (tag your favorite Dev so they see this.)

P.S. Add more ships. Royal Guard TIE comes to mind but there are plenty still not in the game.
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  • This is a good idea IMO but we have enough ships. Royal Guard doesnt have ships Yoda & Thrawn would be capital ships (those might work) Anakin is Vader in TA, to many han and chewie toons for Falcon as Rey & Finn have it now, Ewoks & Jawas & Tuskens dont have shipps. Could add Commander luke X and put R2 in it. Other than that toons that arent mention specifically above dont have a ship if we dont already have access to one. Please correct me if im wrong.
  • General Grievous could have a capital ship. Nute Gunman, and many others can have ships. Heck Rex has a ship. Honestly I hate ships because of how they were done. It is basically character fighting in a different form. It adds very little to the game. They made them slightly more useful in TB, but that still was done half thought, because the dark side ships are more or less useless there.
  • Wanted this/these modes for a long time. Would have definitely preferred this to TB for sure. Put the ship shards we can't farm anywhere there.
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    Those ships are pretty!
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    The color schema of the Empire is sooo good , agree!!
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  • This has been mentioned on numerous occasions, its really the "no brainer" thing to do as it stands now ships are a failure and were (overall) poorly implemented. Hopefully their roadmap allows them to comeback to them and improve upon the experience.
  • Not to mention there are achievements for unlocking ships, however, there aren't enough ships in the game to complete the achievements.
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    They could just tack on another tab similar to normal and hard nodes. Just give the options for ship nodes and maybe we can finally start farming the Millenium Falcon. Ill even take the slow drip one shard per day.
  • Just give a way, where we can farm ships and do not need to chose between ship or something else, eg. character shards, gear, material.
  • I don't mind ships taking this long for me, more time for me to 7 star the good ones
  • The data-mine way back had a ton of awesome info on ships. Unfortunately, it looks like all of that was abandoned in favor of TB.
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  • Roken_Fett wrote: »
    I don't mind ships taking this long for me, more time for me to 7 star the good ones

    Yeah, but if they put shards on nodes for Ship Campaign you could star them up faster.

    Ooooh, clever I never said anything against a campaign, I would love one. I just don't mind not getting new ships
  • I definitely love the idea of a ships campaign. Hey @CG_Kozispoon could this be something for the future?
  • Yeah, something I've been asking for too. At one point, they said they'd be looking at ships after TB's. Here's hoping!
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    I definitely love the idea of a ships campaign. Hey @CG_Kozispoon could this be something for the future?

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