Can't buy the jedi starter bundle - "bundle is being modified"

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edited December 2015
Hello there. I went ahead and tried to buy the jedi starter bundle today but to no avail. When i confirmed the purchase and pressed the buy button, I got an app-store message that the bundle is being modified and isn't available for purchase right now. The rest of the bundles seem to work fine, as well as the crystal store. It's just the mace windu pack that seems to bug out and not complete the purchase. Is this as intended or is this a problem on my end somehow?
Thanks in advance for your time.


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    I had the same issue last week with the Healer pack. I ended up just saving my $50 no harm no foul just have to farm Luminara although I would have liked to have Barriss for GW.
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    So it appears that this is a random occurence and different for each player? I wonder if more people have come upon this issue as well.
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