UK/EU based 31/18 star guild. 292 mill GP. Needs Rancor ready troops

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Looking for a guild thats focused on TBs and Rancor without being too militant and breaking your balls over every little thing? Your existing guild suffering from lack of participation /death by new content? Then please enquire within / look no further!

Sand People has the feel of a casual guild, but is consistently competetive with experienced leadership steering the ship with minimal fuss. Therefore veteran players who just want to crack on and relax, can sit back and watch (nsfw channels) things pan out without worry. We are looking for members that have already commited to levelling teams for Rancor and Galactic Legends, as well as being KAM ready. We don't have many openings so don't waste any time. Get in quick!

We are a UK based, but with global members, heroic sith, raids 9pm gmt, been around as a guild since day one, and we are a family of sad old veteran players with lots of inappropriate banter and fun.

We are achieving 31* dstb, 44 Wat shards, 18* lstb, KAM shards could be better (18 last time), but we have loads of help for this. Haven't conquered Rancor yet but are getting to p4 no problem, just need 2 or 3 big scores and we're there. We have Hotbot to help with score tracking. We have a great TW record but not promising a win everytime as we don't carpetbag.

Min 5mill GP, but can be negotiated for the right focused people who know what they're doing. 600 a day is a given (daily average over 29k no fuss / ticket accounts if needed), but we also know real life rules, so communication is all we ask. Must have discord.

Drop me a DM if interested, or pop by the server
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