Shard store

The shard store needs to have all chars in it. You can only get 2 shards per 24hours and if the 6 chars change randomly that means it would take years to max a random char. Let alone one you were actually wanting.

So I'd say the shard shop is pure lip service to people who were wanting some way to spend their extra shards. The shop is actually pretty useless.


  • The shard shop is only really good for exclusive toons, which unfortunately aren't out yet. We'll see one this month with more to come in the future.

    Hopefully the Devs review the overall usefulness of the overall mechanic outside of the potential new toon; as it's useless to everyone right now.
  • It was added to give excess shards a value, not to make toons easier to farm or provide a great value. It's almost useless until they add the exclusive character.

    Having said that, it perpetuates the diminishing returns faced by chromium spenders, and justifies the continued expenses.

    I.e.) getting a jackpot 4* character unlocked is worth 80 shards. If you already unlocked said character and 7* him, you get a mediocre 32 shards. Converted @ the 10:1 ratio in the shard shop, your 5% chance per open to get 4* character is worth a paultry 3.2 shards.

    It in every way favors EA. A much more player-beneficial system would be to simply make it impossible for you to get shards via chromiums for a 7* character.
  • How to i get Shard currency? What must i do becz my shard currency is 0
  • How to i get Shard currency? What must i do becz my shard currency is 0

    Get a char to 7 Stars and if you get more shards for this Charakter you can earn Shard currency.
  • So they just released General Grievous into the Shard Shop, an entity I was entirely unaware of until this happened. I have never been in the Shard Shop so I don't know how it works? I have forbidden access until I reach a 7* character. I have a 6* Darth Sidious so I could push to get him to 7* so I can access this shop but is it worth it? it kind of derails my plans, and it will take me 20 days before I can even access the shop so who knows if Grievous will even be there once I can access it. Do they change out the characters all the time or I can I expect good access to Grievous?

    I would love nothing more than to get rid of all the worthless toons I have for better ones. Ewok Scout, storm troopers, Royal're all off the roster.
  • It would take you many months to get Grievous. The shard shop isn't worth it unless you're very close to getting a character and just need to get over the top without waiting for your other shard-generating stuff to reset the next day. It's not cost-effective for long-term farming, and the shard-shop exclusive characters are going to suck up resources to the point of basically stopping development of everyone else. If you have everyone you care about and are maxed out at 7* for all of them, go for it. But it's really for those in that position.
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