Best 5th vs Zarriss teams

Know what I hate more than Zarriss? GK/Zarriss/R2/Thrawn/DN teams. I just ... can't ... beat ... them.

I run a pretty vanilla Rebel team right now, all still g11. I finish between 15-35 most nights, which is maybe the best I can hope for. But I'd like to aim for sub-20, obviously. The thing is, a majority of teams from 1-20 run Zarriss, so I need to figure out how to reliably beat them.

I watched a video that suggested CLS, OG Han, R2, GK, and Baze, so I gave it a try. But the combo of foresight in GK, cd increase by DN, stealth by R2, fracture by Thrawn, and friggin Zarriss and I just can't get the perfect combination of turns together to win. I did take down DN once, but that took about 4 minutes, and then it was a tie. Just ... arrrgh.

So does anybody have luck running a Rebel team against GK/Zarriss? I'm wondering if I should put in Thrawn in place of Baze to fracture GK. Stun his R2 to start, CLS hopefully removes TM from DN, then Thrawn fractures GK, and hope that OG Han and GK swarm attack takes out Zarriss.

Is there a better way? Any combination I'm not considering? Or is this my curse to bear for jumping so hard on the Rebel meta bandwagon?


  • You need to add DN to your squad when fighting them and kill their DN first. Then Gk then zarris.
  • I run CLS(L), OG Han, Leia, R2 and GK.

    The key is to kill Barriss or R2 first. They give the team way toon much survivability. Buff block GK and stun R2. Then go to town on Barriss. If you are lucky, you will get through her protection and land crit immunity on her before she unstuns R2 or clears GKs debuffs.

    Once she is dead it's easy pickings. Try not to use abilities like Han's stun or GKs assist until after her protection is gone. Those attacks burn through her health really quick if she has crit immunity up.
  • I run cls ezra leia r2 gk and have around 70% win rate with that team against thatvgk teams. Once dn is dead you can kill all around zarris.
  • Ive been using cls/thrawn/gk/r2/nihilus. Use thrawn to pass to nihilus after first drain force, then fracture gk before 2nd drain so you can annihilate barris. Its easy pickings afterward.
  • using CLS, r2, zHan, ezra, GK mostly.
    when facing those teams, i just swap ezra with JKA. healing immunity and buff immunity is exactly the 2 things you need to cripple GK. use R2 burning so barris cant dispel fast.
    using 6/7 toons for arena is totally acceptable and needed to be #1. you should have 7 great toons with mod sets and swap between them in case you need.
  • Ceberus wrote: »
    I run cls ezra leia r2 gk and have around 70% win rate with that team against thatvgk teams. Once dn is dead you can kill all around zarris.

    I find Leia gives me heart palpitations in the arena. Seriously, I tried CLS, Han, Leia, R2, and GK this morning. THREE TIMES I almost had someone dead with Leia going next, and she screwed the pooch all three times. The worst was the other guy's Han down in the red - Leia steps up and ... single hits for 4k. His Han was full health the next turn (*shakes fist at Chirrut*) and took down my CLS. Happened twice more where Leia could have finished someone off, but didn't get off the second or third shot that would have done it.

    Of course, then I was down to Leia vs CLS and ATF, and *then* she decides to go ham, getting three triple shots in a row (so foresight up > triple on ATF - dead > CLS attacks and misses > stealth + foresight + triple attack on CLS > CLS attacks and misses > triple on CLS to finish him off).

    So from goat to GOAT. But way too much rng for me in the arena to enjoy playing her.
  • @TheMegaSage I run her too and feel the exact same way - I can go from getting the floor wiped to cleaning house all on the whims of that particular princess. Might explain why some days I don't move much and other days I drop like a rock. I can't quit you, yet, Leia (until Han and GK are ready of course)
  • Well Leia sucks at defence, usually stay without invis at least 1 round. So no candy buffs for her. Gonna take her out soon for zhan.
  • DracuLaura
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    I use cls, han, r2, gk and thrawn. Fracture kenobi and then go after zarriss. Make sure you only use cls's basic so you don't buff block her (she needs the crit immunity to stay on). If she isn't dead before the fracture wears off then use cls to buff block kenobi while you finish her off. It is good to set up buffs on ALL your sqaud before using your gk's all in special on zarriss.
  • I dont have DN or Thrawn in my Team and face those pests that you describe regularly. Here is how i do it:

    My team is CLS, R2, Chaze and Raid Han (Zeta).
    Stun r2 first. If possible keep him stunned.
    Have Baze Mass dispell ready when they smoke screen.
    Work on the protection of Barriss and DN.
    Apply as many debuffs as possible and try to keep GK stunned/control their Turn Meter.
    As long as GK has a taunt, I work on DN with CLS (he can finish him even with Zarriss in there).
    If you can get Buff Immunity on GK, start working on Barriss.

    Finish up the rest :)

    Usually it takes a bit of time for me to get the Buff immunity stick (especially if its a fast barriss). But once i applied a few debuffs and have that, its practically done.
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