Lets discuss Arena match?

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Lets discuss about some Arena match. Im using Phasma, Sid, lum, Poggle, Dooku and failure to beat #28.. After his Poe taunt , Kylo can wiped out 2 of my heroes.. anyone have some good tactic?

#28, #30, #33 what tactic you guys will use against those team?



  • CPMP
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    Sorry, you got Poe'nd.
    Maybe you should replace Dooku with Kylo. He has more hp and a kill shot when he get under 50% hp, which he will vs the current team. Plus phasma synergy.
    Or replace Luminara with Daka and go full control team.
    But that poggle you have doesn't have good synergy when paired with low damage heroes. a GS would be much better choice since he can do more damage and gain turn meter on crits. Also it has high speed to remove that pesky ig-88 before it attacks.
  • Jabba
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    Sid leads for high crits dookoo for stuns and his usual harassing ways daka for stuns not likely in meta but maybe even sneak a heal in Poggle for offense up obvious reasons kylo for his aoe and harassing counters would actually replace kylo with geo soldier eventually Far better but u don't have u could even put Ig 88 in Kylie spot using this u always have 2 toons on your squad going before enemy Poe possibly 3 with Poggle if rng goes your way focus Poe always 1st if u see kill before has chance to taunt Poe falls most times u win my opinion phasma does ur current squad no good u need high dps with 3 toons with higher speed than Poe in current meta if u add geo u would have 3 shooting before Poe always with Poggle winning coin flip at times for 4th
  • Jabba
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    Just seen your 3* ventress she gives 23 speed to Daka and herself could possibly get her aoe in there u need farm her up but would definitely beat any team against ai for sure geo still far better and can farm him up in couple weeks his top speed 149 fully geared with speed leader working tanks in my opinion not needed on offense I take 1st on my shard a lot on defense bad ai kills any set up as I'm sure u know which is ok we just need to be able easily beat enemy when we fight u have great toons just missing geo to really dominate hope helps
  • Ivan_Drago
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    You have no dps - why poggle? Change your team - Sid as leader, Dooku, 2 fast dps and Luminara. Or poggle instead of lumi. No Phasma of course
  • Song
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    Ivan_Drago wrote: »
    You have no dps - why poggle? Change your team - Sid as leader, Dooku, 2 fast dps and Luminara. Or poggle instead of lumi. No Phasma of course

    @Ivan_Drago lol i have no idea what you talking about.
  • He means you need some one shot one kill toons like IG88, who is fantastic with Sid as leader.
  • Your team is lacking synergy, good heroes, but not a good team.
    As for the Sid, Ig88, Kylo, Poe, poggle team take out Ig88 first. Hit him with the dooku lightning and sid hope you get a proc from phasma and he's gone. After that his whole team will fall apart. The kylo and sid AOE won't be enough to take out anyone on your team, you heal with lumi and it's gg. I use to run a squad like that, but with the high speed meta Ig88 is dead before he can move. And you need at least 3 AOE to kill someone.
  • Song
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    I tried stun him from my Dooku (but failure) Ya the game is over once POE use his taunt. WIth IG-88 his aoe attacked took out 2 of my heroes..
  • Thank you for the tips. @Ivan_Drago @Pindasauskanon

    I actually beat few team that have a poe.

    Phasma, poe, rey, dooku, lum,
    sid, poe, lum, ig-88, ig-86

    my squad.
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