Arena advice please

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Anyone care to advise on what could be my best arena team, based on the characters I have but who may need zetas? Currently run zaul (l), yoda, palp, zylo + 1 of vader or shore. Float between 75-125. Ideally would like empire but open to ideas.

Roster here:



  • Anyone? Cheers.
  • I run Thrawn tarkin shore storm death with decent success. Others run that team but with krennic instead of tarkin. If you can get thrawn unlocked this go around, that might be an option. Otherwise Tarkin krennic death shore storm might be a good team for you.
    You guys had a riot? On account o' me? My very own riot?
  • CHFC22
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    Thanks. I should get Thrawn this week so will have a look at him. Krennic is a painful grind but can see why he's worth it. One day snow may be worth it... I live in hope!
  • Would tarkin be a better lead than veers for that team? Everyone besides krennic has trooper synergy with veers in both his unique and leader abilities.
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    Can never make my mind up. Suppose if I zeta Tarkin to get expose then that'll compensate for the TM boost Veers gives.
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