The Force Is Strong With Me

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edited December 2015
I guess the force is strong with me finally earned my darth sidious today he owns healers gonna keep ranking him but in the midst of earning his shards I saved my bronziums until i had about 5000 to open packs up & pulled nothing good except an Old Daka lucky me so Old daka or Talia im currently running
3 star Fives (almost 4 star) 65% chance to counter attack / + a tank / + gives a random ally an extra attack
4 star Chewie (self explanatory)
4 star darth sidious (staple/ refuse to take out)
Dooku (also almost 4 star) 100% counter attack chance goes well with fives
so Old daka or talia, talia is almost 4 stars I have about 12 of her shards.


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