Yoda 7*, RNGsus, and You

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I wanted to write this guide before just so I can share what I have learned on my 600+ attempts, but I wanted to wait until I could actually beat Yoda.

Like anyone else, this is my opinion based on my personal experience. I want to clarify a few things for those that may not be entirely familiar with everything that is at stake during this fight:

- Yoda does not play fair. He may go 2-3 turns in a row regardless of whether or not his Turn Meter is full. If he kills any of your allies he gets full Turn Meter (just like Darth Maul/Vader), and of course, due to this, he may go even 4-5 times in a row before you can take any action. His abilities don’t seem to have any cooldown either, he uses any of his abilities as he sees fit.
- Ataru (his basic attack) allows him to be in a nearly perpetual state of Foresight. QGJ’s Harmonious Assault does not allow you to erase Foresight with the first hit and land the second, you will miss both hits, so don’t bother.
- Foresight For obvious reasons DO NOT use your special attacks while Foresight is up, instead I suggest you use special attacks on the guards (more on this below). I strongly suggest to remove Foresight with basic attack when your special attacks are on cooldown. If you have characters such as Kit Fisto, Aayla, or Ima-Gun Di, bring them along they’re great for removing Foresight, if you don’t have any of them, do not despair, you can still win, but it helps a ton if you do have any of them (I used Fisto).
- Yoda will start the fight with Masterstroke immediately followed by Battle Meditation which grants Tenacity Up which pretty much negates all negative status effects. Yoda not always begins the fight this way, he may use Ataru first, get Forsesight on himself, use Meditation to cast it on his guards, and then he can Masterstroke any of your allies, potentially getting a crit hit and one-shot your low HP characters. I’ve seen him do 10-12k Critical, but regular attack can be 5-7k.
- Once the fight progresses he slows down a bit, and by that I mean that he may only go 1 to 2 turns per full meter. This is when you make the most of your luck.

- Speed is useless. Well to a certain degree. Don’t get me wrong you still want to gear up your characters as much as possible. What I mean by speed being useless is that Yoda will defy any speed and turn laws. You can’t expect to set QGJ as lead or max all your speed in hopes to go first or hit more often than he does, so bear that in mind.

- Since speed does not play a vital role in this fight, do not bother placing QGJ as lead. This doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to win as leader, but you will not see much of a difference for reasons mentioned above.
- Harmonious Assault does not allow you erase Foresight with the first hit and land the second, you will miss both hits, so don’t bother.
- If you have not upgraded Humbling Blow to max, then don’t, you want to either leave it at level 5 or don’t use it at all (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). The reasons are simple at level 5 it doesn’t have the Offense Up status effect, and you can easily dish out a single hit for 4-5k instead of just a regular hit for 2-3k, it makes a difference. If you do have at level 6+ DO NOT USE this ability as Yoda will steal it from you and make your day even more miserable.
- If Yoda has Foresight up, don’t waste any of your special attacks instead use Harmonious Attack on the guards. The reason I recommend this is so that at least you make progress in the fight dealing damage. Harmonious Assault has a really low cooldown so it’ll be back in time, but at least it’s not sitting there collecting dust. It’s better to use 6 Harmonious Attacks throughout the fight by using them than use only 4 trying to be conservative. There is no guarantee that you will perfectly time this attack on Yoda in time when another of your allies can remove Foresight right before QGJ’s turn, so may as well use them when you can.

Aside from being a reference to ‘Jesus’, RNG means Random Number Generation and it simply refers to the randomness that takes place during the fight. But that still doesn’t explain exactly what miracle you want RNGsus to perform.

If you’re hoping that all the odds will play in your favor and that you will dodge every single attack, it’s very unlikely that this is going to happen. Instead, what you’re hoping for are the subtleties and a streak of good luck dodges while at the same time you take specific actions.

I’ll elaborate on this:
- For starters, if Yoda one-shots any of your allies at the beginning of the fight, may as well retreat, odds are not in your favor, if he does either regular damage (5-7k) or you dodge it, you started the fight on the right tracks.
- You depend on RNG hoping that Yoda won’t target any of allies hitting them twice or three times on a row. Most allies will go down in two consecutive hits, but some like Kisto and Windu can take 3-4 regular hits if they don’t crit.
- You want to have a combination of dodging Yoda’s attacks and him targeting different allies. It really sucks when he targets any of your allies and hits him twice in a row leaving him in low red Health, while the rest of your team is at full health, then you’re forced to use a healing ability just to keep that ally alive. That is a waste of healing special, but for obvious reasons you have to use it. It is best when all your allies have taken damage evenly or you can equalize with Barriss, then use a healing ability.

- Most of them don’t pose much of a threat. Don’t get me wrong, they can’t still tip the scale against you. But once Yoda is down, they’re a lot easier to deal with even if you’re down to 3-4 allies.
- After they fixed the Anakin glitch, I have not seen much of Barriss, she doesn’t appear very often so don’t bank on that to win.
- You probably want to avoid Aayla and Fisto due to their counter, Ima-Gun Di is ok to deal with as his counter only procs when he has lead. When I won Yoda had JC and JGK as guards.
- Yoda has so much Health that even when JC heals, it doesn’t make a huge difference on him, so don’t feel pressured you need to take down healers, just focus hard on Yoda.
- If you can get Barriss as guard, by all means use her equalizer ability to your advantage. However, don’t think that Yoda’s Health is going to go down to 50% like most claim. Even if you try to take down the other guard and slowly take down Barriss so as to maximize this strategy, Barriss will equalize even as early as 70% of her Health if Yoda and the other guard have taken damage as well. So in the best of cases you can get Yoda down to 70-80% Health, I have never been able to survive long enough to see her use it twice, but if you do and have at least 4 jedis alive, then you’re in good shape, assuming a second equalizer puts Yoda below 40-30%, but I have never been able to see this happen.

- Strive for gear level 8, can’t stress this enough.
- It’s possible to win this fight with probably any combination so long as RNG is on your side, but this doesn’t happen very often (1 in 700 for me). So what you want to make sure is that you have at least 2 healers JC and Lumi, if you have Barriss even better. As stated earlier if you have Ima-Gun Di, Aayla, Kit Fisto, by all means bring them along.
- LEADER: You want either Lumi or Barriss as leader. Maybe Ima-Gun Di if you have him, I don’t so I used Lumi.
=== LUMINARA ===
If you have Lumi make sure she has at least level 6 Master Healer’s Blessing ability, what this does is give you of course 40% heal, but most importantly is the healing over time, only at level 6 you get it for 2 turns, so it’s very important. You also want Force Blast as high as possible, mine was at 5. Elegant Steps (leader ability) gives you that evasion that you need to turn the tides in your favor, not to mention the 4% health recovery, so get it as high as possible too, mine was at 5.
=== BARRISS ===
Barriss can be farmed in Cantina. If you do have her make sure Leader ability “No One Left Behind” is as high as possible, honestly I recommend maxed out at level 7, no less. Force Healer at level 7. The other abilities don’t make that much of a difference as Barriss hits very low. My Barriss Health is at 18,309 so aim for that. I got Barriss after I beat Yoda so I wasn’t able to test her in battle, but most report you get better chances in winning than with Lumi. I leave that to you to decide, try different combinations, you never know.

=== JC ===
You depend a lot on his Healing mine was a level 6, try for level 7 if you can.
=== Kit Fisto ===
Try to use his AoE when Yoda has Foresight on and you know you can time a strong attack right after. Superior Blade work aim for 5+. Mine was at 4 and surprisingly did the trick.
=== Ahsoka ===
While it seems she has low HP around 8662, she gets a boost from her unique “Daring Padawan” up to 45% HP boost, so in all she ends up with 12560, so not too bad. Protective Manuever can heal your party, but this probably has a proc rate of about 10-15%, so it’s not very reliable.
=== Mace Windu ===
The number one thing that everyone is hoping for is to have his unique “Shatterpoint” proc and take out 20% of Yoda’s health. It sounds nice, but rarely ever happens. Not only does he always resist when Yoda constantly uses Meditation. There’s a certain occasion when the moon is blue and he doesn’t have Tenacity Up and you’re sure you can get an Expose on him, nope. Out of the 50+ times I got Yoda without any positive effects on him, only one time Expose stuck on him, but guess what? He had Foresight on … I was so furious. Anyways don’t hold your breath hoping you can time this right, it’s very unlikely, but hey it could happen.
=> I don’t have Eeth Koth, Anakin, Old Ben, Aayla, Ima-Gun Di, JKG, or Plo Koon to 7*, so I can’t speak for those characters. But You should be able to beat with Lumi (lead), JC, QGJ, and a combination of other Jedis, top 3 are a must.
- Don’t despair. It’s going to take a lot of Retreats, but at some point you’re going to get lucky with RNG, be sure to make the right moves when that happens. Just keep trying and the odds will be in your favor.
- If the fight starts in a bloodshed, just Retreat and start again. If you’re feeling lucky and wanna keep trying even if get a bad start, by all means do it to gain experience, but it gets old quickly.
- Use heals wisely, try and resist the need to use a heal when only one ally is low or mid health. You will know you have a chance to win if your low health ally cheats death and either dodges or gets skipped to another ally. When I won all my characters were on low Yellow health, and only Fisto around 80% health. Normally Yoda will target the lowest ally, kill him, get 100% meter (not like it matters because he goes when he feels like anyways), and continue to massacre 2-3 other ones. But when I won, he aimed instead for Fisto putting him at like 45% health, then I had enough chance to get JC’s healing cooldown back up and used a heal, this was followed by a couple of dodges, and by then Yoda was surprisingly on low health. His JC healed him, but didn’t make much of a difference, I was able to finish him off. I finished JC and JKG with ease and I had 4 characters still alive, which is a very unlikely event, but it happened none the less.

I really hope this guide helps, it’s not perfect by any means and it’s a work in progress, I will add any more tips anyone has. I wish you luck and may the Force be with you!



  • 600 time,dude you rock.
  • Thank You
  • iamabitkh wrote: »
    600 time,dude you rock.
    I see what you did there

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    Thanks for the advice. I was able to get the 7* Yoda with Lumi (leader), QGJ, JC, Kit and Ahsoka. His guards were QGJ and Barriss. I have Lumi's skills maxed, and 4-6 levels on the rest of them. Got lucky in that I finished Yoda with three characters left and Barriss never leveled hit points until after Yoda was defeated. Lost Lumi by QGJ harmonious strike before she could heal, but still got Kit and Ahsoka to finish off the guards. Phew!
  • Thanks for putting together this guide!

    It was very helpful because I needed to make some farming decisions. I will refer back to your guide when I attempt the battle.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks for this guide! So you save the guardians for last? It seems like taking them out first would make things much easier. Did you try that, and how did it go?
  • I tried everything, including trying to take out the guards first, but if you can survive Yoda long enough to take down guards first, sure by all means, I would just not recommend it. The longer Yoda is alive the more he shreds you to pieces and the guards don't really pose an immediate threat of killing your allies in 1-2 moves. The guards use their meter only when it's filled up, Yoda attacks whether his meter is filled or not, and multiple times at that.
  • I have 7 star all gear 8 or higher, all abilities maxed or level 7, and I can't even kill one member of the team. Saying I have to do it 600 times only for the sake of waiting for the right rng? That's bull. It's got nothing to do with how you play the game just have to keep playing and wait for the one in 600 chance the game will give you a fair shot? That's not ok. This game is turning to crop. If the math isn't there then what is the point. There isn't one any more, may as well just go to a casino instead and drop my money in a bucket. I've invested time and money in a game that has programmers that are constantly making my time and money investment worthless. If it would have been this way when I started playing I wouldn't have wasted my time.
  • Update: After Protection he now crits up to 17 k of damage . . . have fun trying, i will wait til lvl 90 or so
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