Excess shards for a 7 star hero

When are we going to be able to do something with these shards??? So many extras laying around, would love to give them to Darth Vader or Obi Wan, as they are impossible (Obi wan can be with 3000 dollars maybe, but Vader can't be) to seven star right now. Please do something, losing interest in game already


  • Is it possible that EA r planning to get it to 8* in near future?

    I played another game called Dungeon Boss.. max was 5* for a few months.. had many extra tokens.. and boom, they made 6* characters available.. so those extra shards should come in handy imo

    OR we should be able to sell them for crystals. . Like 25-50 crystals per extra token above 7* heroes
  • I think I read this was an issue/bug but I can't remember for certain. Surely, if you had a character at 7* and you had extra shards beyond that, they would be useless and it makes no sense...
  • Another idea.. maybe open an auction house and have extra tokens being to bought there.. that could make some interesting and fun transactions

    Either that or allow trades within guild members
  • I've been saying this for months..Shard exchange system please.
  • Amen

    I guess u were part of the soft launch or beta?

    Any info on the upcoming guild system?

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