LF Ship Shard mates Muncad, THXWolfe, Steth Hauy, Ferr, Terzo Fratello

My ingame name is Carnin Hase. Wondering if there’s a shard chat for our Ships.


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    Hi Carnin.

    Welterweight here. I've just reached out to @Goobersmack who is Knepper from our shard.

    Let's band as many of us together and find an existing chat if possible.

    Carnin - I have THXWolfe in my channel link I have sent you.
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    Since my original post, we’ve developed an active ship chat. If you’re in our shard and would like to start working together, you can reach out to me, Carnin Hase, Ally Code 745-995-139, or ArchAngel, Ally Code 871-372-425.
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