Is ewok Palapoo any good?

Please share your experience with her.
Good investment to procure Palapoo Ewok?


  • Ejb
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    Ewoks are good.
  • No one knows since they can’t be farmed
  • TheJEFFtm
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    Paploo and Logray are both very good additions to the ewok team. I would counsel against spending crystals on them in Shipments at the moment though. They are due to be made available in one of the other shops or on a cantina or hard node very soon (possibly even with the game update coming through later today).
  • Yeah he’s pretty decent.

  • Jetlife wrote: »
    EA created a character release cadence saying ALL new toons will be f2p farmable within 2 months of them being released.
    They have been out for 5 months; EA does not live up to what they say to their consumers.

    This is incorrect in a number of ways. The character release cadence states that all characters released in a marquee event will move to chromiums approximately after 4-6 weeks, and placed somewhere on the board approximately 4-6 weeks after that,

    And it has just barely been 3 months since the ewoks were released, not 5.

    The devs have said that there is a lot of work going into getting the AT-ST event ready. They also said it wouldn't return until the ewoks hit the board.

    The AT-ST event is the hold up on the Ewoks, but that's fine because the "approximately" in their character release cadence could give them at least a week or two leeway.

    And if they did break the character release cadence and we harp on them about it, I see them abandoning the character release cadence rather than adhering to it more closely.

  • @Jetlife

    I'd like to see that cadence; the last one I saw said that they intended approximately 4-6 weeks to appropriate (chromium and/or faction) packs and Shipments (crystals), then another 4-6 weeks to move to a farmable location, be it hard/cantina nodes or another store.

    As the Logray and Paploo events were late july (20th and 27th, I believe), we are just now approaching the end of the (approximate) 12 week release schedule.

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