Resistance+Maul vs imperial meta GW

It is now 2 times in a row that I fight against this team in gw at the last node: thrawn lead, krennic, deathtrooper, imperial soldier and shoretrooper, all g12. Well, in gw I usually fight against cls classic teams or gk/barris... I haven't seen so many imperial meta team to know exactly how it works, so the first time with a resistance team (zfinn, poe, rt, r2 and rp I lost dramatically and i have understood why: due to thrawn leadership they gain tm like crazy. So, the second time this morning, I used zfinn, poe, rt, r2 and maul with 100% tm. First go finn, then poe and then I dazed all of them with maul. And now some of them have expose, all dazed, and maybe 2 of them have 30% tm max. Victory? Not at all... they continued gaining tm like crazy. I was able only to kill thrawn and shore before they slaughtered me. Then I finushed them with another squad, but the question still remain... how have they done? I don't know if it is a bug or if there is something in the mechanic that i don't know yet. Please help me


  • crzydroid
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    Dazed, they should not gain bonus tm. Are you popping enough exposes to keep your own tm up? Are you using your stuns judicipusly enough? What are the speeds on your Resistance? Poe removes tm, so combined with stuns, you should have no problem beating that team.
  • BulYwif
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    They for sure used the cleanse of Thrawn's lead. Your daze only lasts until the enemy's turn, who's removing debuffs on him and also gains 50% TM afterwards.
  • Nedus
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    Yes, they used thrawn's cleanse of course, but in theory they shouldn't have reached their turn to do it. There were enough exposes ot go. Finn first use the non-attack ability in order not to give them tm for applying negative effects, then goes poe and expose 2 of them and they gain some tm and then goes maul applying daze to everyone and my resistance characters gain 70% tm for expose damage. But then attack my rt (inflict expose), r2 (stuns thrawn and remove expose) and then the stormtrooper cleanse himself,... and then the shoretrooper after 2 other attacks of mine...
    Speed isn't that much but for sure everyone had the +30 arrow (i often use resistance in tb, raids and gw)
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