How do guilds work?

I don't see any guild options in game (I'm on iOS if that matters). How do they work? What is the benefit?

Thanks guys!

Lord Skunk


  • Right now, they serve no true "in-game" function. They are social/educational groups, if I understand correctly.
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  • Not there yet, but found this on another fansite site.

    case LockableFeature.GUILD_MANAGEMENT:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_STORE:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_ACTIVITIES:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_PVP:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_GUILDVSGUILD:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_RAIDS:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_TOURNAMENTS:
    case LockableFeature.GUILD_TERRITORYWARS:

    What got added in the latest update. Really looking forward to see this in the future.
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