Arena Results, Stats and Replays

I really like arenas and it seems like the EA/CG are moving in the right direction. However I would like to recommend and request some future features added like to see how many defense battles I have won/lost and against who and what teams. Also a replay feature would be awesome with stats from each match. Something similar to Injustice mobile app would be awesome.

Thanks for reading and hopefully taking this into consideration!


  • LordSkunk
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    Also one more thing that would be great with arenas would be some random rewards for winning each match. It could mainly be some small rewards with a chance for some random chances at some nicer items. Maybe base chances for better rewards based on well you did in the match. If all 5 of your characters survived the chance at better rewards are increased and they decrease as you finish with less characters alive. I feel it would add some additional interest and engagement in arenas.
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