Yes your payout time changed

just a quick reminder Before the influx of "my payout time is different" begins since the clocks in parts of europe went back an hour last night.
yes your payout (squad arena, fleet arena, guild, energy refreshes etc) all have now gone back 1 hour.
so if your being attacked more or find more traffic at your payout thats why.
the game does not allow for DST or clock changes as stated by plenty before so you need to adjust and remember your time has changed guys and adjust your attacks to suit


  • Kyno
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    OMG I am not prepared for that.... (I mean the forum, nor the time change )

    Moved to correct sub forum.
  • @Kyno
    ohhhh come on it was "general" its not just feedback or arena.
    this is a general post about the game + timezones not just arena.
    it was a general post to help people remember the time changes
  • Agreed. It doesn't just affect arena but TB too.
  • Agreed. It doesn't just affect arena but TB too.

    exactly it affects almost all sections of the game so there is no way it should be buried in the feedback section it is not feedback.
    its a general post about the general aspects of the game and hence deserves to be in general discussion where people can actually see it.
    it is not feedback, it is not arena specific and this whole moving posts is getting to be a joke now.

    can someone please move this back to general discussion where it plainly should have been left.
  • But you clearly said payout, which refers to arena, maybe change your title.
  • LynnYoda
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    payout can be TB, pit, haat, fleet arena, squad arena, it is a general phrase about the game there is not just arena payout
    on top of that the time chance affects events also which are on a timer.
    90% of this game is based on time when things are launched, when things start etc so a "general discussion" about almost the entire game gets thrown into feedback / arena
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  • akajl11
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    Ok, I've making mainly heard pay out with arena and fleet arena. Rewards is what I've mainly heard for pit, AAT and tb. Pit and aat don't have a payout time, since you get the rewards one hour after you defeat it.

    I was just giving a suggestion to help get your message to the masses. Since I know this will impact all aspects of the game not just arena.
  • TVF
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    Oh no, I didn't know this was a thing! So just to clarify, if my fleet payout is currently at 7:00 pm, it will be 6:00 pm after DST next weekend? That would really screw me over.
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  • Yes sir, everything will move up 1 hour.
  • TVF
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    Well that sucks. I'm in the running for 1st in fleet every day and right now I'm able to battle during that last hour. When the time moves up I won't be able to anymore.

    EDIT: Time to tell the wife we're moving.
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  • If you observe daylight savings, you will find everyone has moved up an hour. So you and your missus don’t need to move, you’ll still be able to get Fleet 1st.
  • TVF
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    It's not about everyone else. When it moves up an hour it will be at a time when I'm not able to play.
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