I don't get it ... Speed question.

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Arena today.

Ai Sid (leader) goes first.
My pogglepoggle goes second and uses droid speed buff

How is it then possible for the Ai ig86 speed 114 to go before my ig88 speed 116 plus pogglepoggle buff and before my ig86 speed 114 plus pogglepoggle buff?

Is there a random speed bonus I'm not aware of? Eg speed = 114 + random (1 - 10)?


  • Don't think there's random speed bonus. IG86 max speed is 116 so opponent IG86 might be better geared than yours. One possibility is that speed up actually affect the char after they have their moves so between opponent IG86 and your IG88 both with speed 116 got a dice roll and your opponent goes first. That's what I think happened
  • Triqui
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    Something weird happened there. No other unit acted in between? Some units grant TM bonus, like Hoth Rebel Scout.
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