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Hiya Everyone,
Here is a list of some of the upcoming events for the month of November. Cheers!

Daily Login for November is- First order TIE Pilot, First order TIE Fighter

Daring Droid (R2-D2)
  • Starts: Oct 26th
  • Ends: Nov 1st
  • Min Level Requirement: 20 for Tier 1. Level recommendation rises with each subsequent tier
  • Notes: Requires Empire Characters

Territory Battle- Hoth: Rebel
  • Starts: Nov 2nd
  • Ends Nov 7th

Fleet Mastery- Endurance
  • Starts: Nov 3rd
  • Ends: Nov 3rd
  • Notes: Requires 6 star or higher Ships

Assault Battle- Military Might
  • Starts: Nov 4th
  • Ends: Nov 5th
  • Notes: Requires Rebels, Clones

Ghosts of Dathomir (Nightsister Zombie & Spirit)
  • Starts: Nov 4th
  • Ends Nov 4th

Omega – “Rebels and Geonosians”
  • Starts: Nov 5th
  • Ends: Nov 5th

Emperor's Demise (Emperor Palpatine)
  • Starts: Nov 9th
  • Ends Nov 15th

Assault Battles- Places of Power
  • Starts: Nov11th
  • Ends: Nov 12th

Territory Battles- Hoth: Rebel
  • Starts Nov 13th
  • Ends: Nov 18th

Fleet Mastery- Home One
  • Starts: Nov 14th
  • Ends: Nov 14th
  • Notes: Requires 6-Star (or Higher) ships

Heroic- Endor Escalation
  • Starts: Nov 15th
  • Ends: Nov 15th

Omega- "First Order and Scoundrels"
  • Starts Nov 16th
  • Ends Nov 16th

Assault Battles- Places of Power
  • Starts: Nov 18th
  • Ends: Nov 19th
The Artist of War (Grand Admiral Thrawn)
  • Starts: Nov 23rd
  • Ends Nov 29th
  • Notes: requires Phoenix Squadron
  • (Chimaera will NOT be joining Thrawn this time around).

Assault Battles- Forest Moon
  • Starts: Nov 25th
  • Ends: Nov 26th

Fleet Mastery- Executrix
  • Starts: Nov 29th
  • Ends: Nov 29th
  • Notes: Requires 6-Star (or Higher) ships
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