Please remove challenge gear from AAT raid rewards

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edited November 2017
It's been requested before, but it's worth requesting again: please take out the gear challenge salvage pieces from the AAT raid rewards boxes. It feels very insulting to put in good time and effort to try to place well in a raid only to be rewarded with salvage pieces that I have over 1000 of.

I'd like to now respectfully express some negative feelings.

Players on these forums often say that the devs aren't listening to us. Then sometimes devs and moderators come back and insist that, yes, player feedback matters and that devs take it all very seriously, and they're mystified at why we would feel this way.

Well, this is a prime example. People have been asking for this since the AAT raid and g11 gear game out. And in the meantime we get content upon content, new game modes and new toons. But still, after all this time, here I am still getting gear from a raid that I have 1000s of. Knowing how often I've seen posts along these lines in the past, it begins to give one the feeling—dare I say it—that the devs aren't listening to us. And one begins to feel disrespected as a player.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the good work you are doing.
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