Is my team strong enough for 7* palp?

I have
Lvl 79 Wedge G9 (L)
Lvl 79 Biggs G9
Lvl 75 STHan G8
Lvl 75 Farmboy Luke G8
Lvl 75 Old Ben G7

Is it possible to get 7* palp? I sadly don't have any cleansers :/


  • Hmm... i didnt have Wedge and did it, but i had Ackbar as a cleanser.
    My team was Ackbar (L), Biggs, Lando, StHan, Farmboy

    I would take Ben to gear 8
    And take everyone to max level, its some time left, you can probably have them all at lvl 80.

    Dont forget the Mods. Potency on Od Ben and Farmboy if you have them.
    Speed on Biggs, and omega his assist attack.
  • Can confirm did it at 1st try, it was a breeze.
    Wiggs did all the work while the others contributed by being meatbags
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