Hey developers can we get a 6 man squad arena

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A 6 man squad arena be a lot of fun set it up same way as ls and Ds missions where we borrow a hero to insert on our team. The synergies with 6 man squads would be loads of fun. I know u don't want us getting all characters to fast so make rewards credits and training droids. Make rewards decent though so we can eventually level our entire benches. Ftp perks maybe player doesn't have certain hero which he could borrow to finish off a synergy which makes said player able to compete. Another perk would be with more credits and training droids available makes gw a whole lot easier . P2w perks gives people who spent a lot of money something else to do which they deserve for money they spent let's be honest this is not PlayStation or x box spending thousands to provide us a game to play deserves something more just my opinion. Another perk would be same as ftp level up there entire bench which benefits all we will see a lot more different synergies. Why should Capital games do it what's in it for them well for 1 it should be a easy program to employ already do invite a ally on reg missions. Secondly if client base are happy playing game we will spend more doing so. I'm not a programmer but seems like should be simple. Third would fix a problem in game that exists right now not enough credits to level everything. I personally would love to level 4th and 5th string squads be awesome. I'm half Ftp and p2p I have spent over 500 in game and love playing very much I have 21 toons in purple gear with over that waiting to be loved on lol. In conclusion seems this would be great for everybody and easy to implement please CG consider idea as I know most of u play game and can see possibilities of this. May the Force be with all look forward to comments on this.


  • It's not easy to implement. You are talking about changing the business logic of the game, not gona happen man, too risky. If u dev/program, u would understand.
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    Why would be just tweaking squad arena with already programmed invite a ally from reg missions would have program rewards and maybe spot to do it in cantina. As far as business would be great for business happy players spend money. I have read post today on how whales are slowing spending and bored with game I'm sure some ftp have loaded squads and feel same getting bored more things to do makes for a better gaming experience. Keep active squad arena I'm suggesting adding another is there a memory problem or something in program seems like should be simple most programming is already there just need combine.
  • simple from ur point of view but a nightmare for devs. u can't just say combine existing code to allow for 1 additional player.

    See if the devs did implement this feature of adding 1 additional arena player, they would have to specifically rebuild the arena module to allow for 6 instead of 5. Whereas every other module or game mode works with teams of 5. Maintaining code will be hell. Plus it's friggin costly to retest.

    i can't even imagine the horrors the db admins have to handle to support this. The worse this change can cause is corrupted customer data. No way they gona do this lol.
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    There's already nodes of 6 man squads bud in ls and Ds missions we borrow heroes everyday from allies how is this different how we gain ally points for bronzium. Yea have to combine that with existing arena in another spot in cantina but seems doable as yoda would say there is no try just do. I am not a programmer so if it's that impossible I guess I will have take you on your word on that but shame would be loads of fun battles would take bit longer be more toons involved who at present not viable. Anyway just a idea
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    Jabba wrote: »
    as yoda would say there is no try just do.

    Close but not quite. He said 'do or do not there is no try'. So in this case it's the 'do not'

    Also, there's a lot more that goes into something like this than you understand. It's like putting a bigger engine in your car. You just can't pull out your 4 cylinder and drop in a v8. You would probably have to push the firewall back, stiffen the suspension, wheels, transmission, mounting brackets...the list goes on. So what you think of as a simple task, is anything but.

    Also, 6 man arena isn't needed. Why stop there? Let's do 15 man teams with 3 leaders so we can enjoy more of our character pool. Actually that sounds pretty fun.
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    Hell yea now your getting it be loads of fun
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