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Please devs.... change the Toons in the stores asap (Arena) before you bring every 2 weeks new toon in the Game and the pay store... the Game is slowly become a hello kitty collectible kitten....
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    Save water, drink champagne!
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    It is a collection game....
  • If this is a collection game you might want to make it easier to collect stuff. As it is now the fun factor is missing lately. Collecting toons for platoons or sitting in our rosters collecting dust because we can't remotely gear them to use and play with IS NOT an enjoyable experience for us!

    Using toons is fun
    Looking at ungeared toons in roster is not fun.
    Getting even more ungeared toons to sit in roster with these silly events is not fun.
    Please consider the "fun factor" when making decisions.
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    I agree this game is takes the wrong direction.

    Look at the gear requirements of the news toons: for G8 they all requires callers now whereas there was a balance between furnaces and callers. Same thing with with G9 where scanners is the vast majority of raid gear (if not callers obviously).

    This is without considering the standard gear requirements. This games is just becoming more and more pay to enjoy not even free to play.
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